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Conscious Invitations offers various workshops in the field of body and mind. These are all there to support you in your process. And to meet you in the areas you are interested in. Each workshop opens a door. Through knowledge, exercise, movement, breath, touch and more you are invited to experience a freer and fuller life. The workshops are given by different people from different fields and they have been selected with care, attention and knowledge. Book a class or a workshop right away!

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Year-long training

Fifteen participants will embark on a life-changing journey together. We will form a tribe, founded on safety and trust. And we’ll create a space in which we feel welcome and free. More peace of mind, more energy in your body and a healthier connection with yourself and others: this is the result of this journey.

The annual programme is developed with therapists and bodyworkers from different disciplines. It is based on effective methods from spiritual traditions and leading therapy models, such as Somatic Experiencing, NARM and Polyvagal therapy. And we also use breath, movement, touch and mindfulness as starting points. The year-long programme is designed to help your zest for life and vitality to flow more and more.

For whom

It’s for you if you find that your body and mind affect the quality of your daily life. And you want to gain knowledge, discover tools and especially experience how you can flow through life with more peace, energy and creativity. It’s also for people who want to guide others through this, expanding and deepening their skills as a coach or therapist. And for anyone who prioritises personal and professional development.

• 7-day all-inclusive retreat with Isaac Shapiro
• 8 training days spread over the year
• 6 evening gatherings
• 2 private sessions with Ehsan Ebadi

      • You will get a clear picture and feel a clear direction in life. You will experience what it is that you deeply long for. You can then let go of everything you don't need and travel light.
      • You will learn how the deepest levels of your body work. The nervous system regulates every organ and every cell in your body. By understanding this and tracking it in the moment, you can surf through challenges easier at work and in private life. You’ll learn how to find your way back to safety and flow, instead of staying in fight, flight and freeze modes.
      • You will learn to recognise the most impactful patterns in yourself and others. And to understand the origin and functions of this. You will be given tools to strengthen functional patterns and break through dysfunctional patterns, so you can make room for new ones. This will give you more peace and energy, the ingredients for creativity and creation.
      • You will experience the magical world of conscious breathing, movement and touch. These will bring you into contact with the deepest layers of your being, resulting in an experience of unity and connection with life and others.
      • You will learn to refine your senses and enjoy intensively. And to have an open, soft and powerful attitude towards yourself and others.
      • You will be introduced to the experience of the great spiritual sages; experiencing yourself as consciousness, beyond the body and mind. From here, everything becomes less personal yet more connected. It’s a catalyst that enables you to see through dysfunctional patterns.
      • You will understand, experience and break through your family dynamics. This will change your relationship with your family for the better.
      • You will dive deep with a group. This will bring a lot of security and connection. It’s very likely that you will have a new tribe in your life by the end of the year.

    Regular investment 1950 Euro including VAT
    Business investment 3200 Euro including VAT

    For more information and booking call or email us

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About us

Conscious Invitations is a tribe and platform for investigation. It consists of people with a passion for life. We come together to search. What contributes to a beautiful, free and full life? We organize trainings and workshops to invite you to the infinite and magical process of awareness.

Through the agency of consciousness we learn and grow
An invitation
To know your essence and meet your humanity
To break free and live fully!

Satsang, Mindfulness, Therapie, Somatic Experiencing, Amsterdam, Amsterdam oost, Massage, NARM, SE, Trauma, Healing, Heling, Burn-out,


Do you want to rent our spaces? for example to give workshops and training courses or to hold office? Send us an email and you will get all the information you need. You are very welcome to come and have a look and taste the atmosphere. We are close to Artis. We are centrally located and easily accessible by car and public transport. Also the parking is good.

There are 2 rooms available. These are 90m2 and 65m2. These are connected by a staircase and both have their own kitchen and toilet. Furthermore, many supplies are available for organizing workshops and having office. Mail us to get an overview of our affordable rental price.

Workshops, Polyvagal, Therapie, Lichaamsgericht, Coaching, Body, Mind, EMDR, Therapeut, Amsterdam


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Workshops, Polyvagal, Therapie, Lichaamsgericht, Coaching, Body, Mind, EMDR, Therapeut, Amsterdam


I always look forward to the Conscious Meetings with Ehsan. It is a very nice moment to pause. Slow down the constant stream of unconscious thoughts and rest in the here and now.
I feel invited to be who I am, without good or bad, in the present moment. And it is always cozy and there is nice tea.

Roos B. about Conscious Meetings

“Ehsan works directly, invitingly and calmly. He mirrors what appears per moment, making subtle layers perceptible. Ehsan welcomes what he perceives, tries not to cover or enlarge anything.
Ehsan works with few words and pays attention to the entire group. I was amazed how powerful the effect was.
A perspective-broadening experience, in which I sank into my own body in no time and started to experience a lively sensation in contact. It made me realize how quickly I move through the day and how wonderful it is to come together in this way and to be able to meet myself and the other person (a bit) more substantially. Crazy. Special. And tastes like more. “

Lo H. about Conscious Meetings

“Absolutely recommended: the super clear, real, warm and down to earth meetings (satsangs) that Ehsan accompanies.
Good questions, pleasant contact, nice vibe and before you know it you are completely out of your story and feel great, free and spacious. LOVE! “

Inge D. about Conscious Meetings

“Another heart opening evening of Satsang with Ehsan
I love being so ‘real’ together with everyone present.
Thank you all and Ehsan for a reviving happy evening! “

Eva S. about Conscious Meetings

“How welcome and in the now can you feel .. went to Eshan satsang for the first time and certainly not last time. A beautiful, valuable, loving, safe and calm together with like-minded people. On yourself tuning in, to the other, without judgment or prejudice … are … recommended! “

Linda B. about Conscious Meetings

To me, Ehsan’s being is an invitation into an honest and authentic meeting. He is creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere,
in which I find it easy to open up, show myself and get to know myself more deeply. I find Ehsan a great gift, and the meetings he holds are clarifying, relaxing and empowering to me.

Gunnar M. about Conscious Meetings
Satsang, Mindfulness, Therapie, Somatic Experiencing, Amsterdam, Amsterdam oost, Massage, NARM, SE, Trauma, Healing, Heling, Burn-out,


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