Conscious Invitations offers various workshops in the field of body and mind. These are all there to support you in your process. And meet you in the area of your interest. Each workshop is an entrance. Through knowledge, exercises, movements, breathing, touch and more you are invited to a freer and fuller life. The workshops are given by different people from different fields and they have been selected with care, attention and knowledge.

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Take a private session for more peace and life energy. You will benefit from a private session if you are interested in how the functioning of your body and mind affect the quality of your life. We experience the world through our senses. The information that comes in through the senses passes through the filters of your nervous system. How your nervous system is organized has everything to do with how you experience the world and how you live your life. These sessions help to get your nervous system more regulated and organized. This means that your relationship to thoughts, emotions and sensations becomes healthier, so that you can live lighter, more powerful and more vivid.

A session is much like a nice conversation with a trusted friend. The two of us are seated in a beautiful space. We are the first to ensure that your system feels safe in the new setting. This makes it easier for us to relax and listen better to the body, which is usually overshadowed by thinking. From there we can see what the body has to tell us. And you can also bring something in. Maybe something has happened recently that you want to look at. There may be big themes that have been going on all your life. In all cases, we look together at where there is more room for regulation in the system.

These sessions are given by Ehsan Ebadi. He uses therapy models such as Somatic Experiencing, NARM, Polyvagal Theory and Massage Therapy in the sessions.

Are private sessions beneficial for me?

You will benefit from this session if you are interested in how the functioning of your body and mind affect the quality of your life. We experience the world through our senses. The information that enters through the senses passes through the filters of our nervous system. How our nervous system is organized has everything to do with how we experience the world and how we live our lives. These sessions are based on methods developed to make the nervous system more regulated and organized. This means that our relationship to thoughts, emotions and sensations becomes healthier, so that we can live lighter, more powerful and more alive. These methods are effective for treating shock and developmental trauma.

Insurance coverage

Depending on your insurance, this session can be partially or fully reimbursed. See more information under heading Rates.

Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing is a method based on in-depth research in our nervous system; how it is built up, how it can become dysregulated, but also how it can regain its resilience. It is a gentle, respectful method designed to enhance our ability to live a vibrant and powerful life. Our brain is an important part of our nervous system and roughly consists of three parts. These three parts are connected to the rest of the body via the nerves. I use the layout of our brain as an input to explain the operation of Somatic Experiencing briefly and in a simplified way.
How does Somatic Experiencing work?
Our brain is an important part of our nervous system and roughly consists of three parts. These three parts are connected to the rest of the body via the nerves. I use the layout of our brain as an input to explain the operation of Somatic Experiencing briefly and in a simplified way. Brainstem (reptilian brain) This is the oldest part of our brain and developed first. Its main function is to detect insecurity and, on the basis of this, initiate the responses to fight, flight or freeze. Since this function determines our survival, it also has the greatest impact by far. This means that when it becomes unsafe, the feeling of fighting or flight dominates. These sensations strongly color the functions of the other parts of the brain. Freezing happens when fighting and flight no longer makes sense. Limbic part (mammalian brain) This part originated after the reptilian brain and literally formed on top of it. It regulates our emotions. It ensures that mammals take care of their little ones and can live in groups. It is the system that regulates need and satisfaction. It is heavily influenced by the reptilian brain. When the reptilian brain is activated, it colors our emotions. Cortex (human brain) This part was most recently developed. It has formed around the limbic part. We use this part for language and imagination, analysis and reasoning. But it also controls more subtle emotions such as empathy. The cortex, in turn, is heavily influenced by the reptilian and mammalian brains. When we have strong emotions, our stream of thoughts not only increases, but it also gets louder.
There are countless events in a human life that impact our nervous system. Some contribute to more regulation and organization and others cause disruptions. You can imagine a network of power plants connected to a lot of cables, which is again connected to other networks. When a very high voltage enters our network that we are not prepared for, it can damage the cables and the central units. When a situation arises that is “too much”, our system tries to regulate the charge as good as possible. This is not always possible for our body and mind, which causes dysregulation. The energy gets locked somewhere to prevent further damage. Examples of such situations are; a car accident, a fall, long-term stress at work, growing up in unhealthy family situations, long-term illness or pain, painful experiences in intimate relationships, too little body contact and more. The above examples are all cases where there is a break in the needs of our nervous system. Break on security, break on physical and emotional needs, but also break on unconditional love. This causes dysregulation in the functions of corresponding parts of the brain described above and makes live less pleasant. Because we don't feel completely safe., Or we are frustrated or annoyed because our basic needs have not been met. Or we don't feel loved the way our heart desires.
Disruptions arise because at the time of an event it is not possible for our nervous system to process the charge. The charge then remains stuck somewhere in the system. Regulation arises when sufficient capacity is built up to allow the charge to flow smoothly and slowly again. The emotions associated with holding the charge are allowed and felt in manageable amounts. This again creates confidence in our own body and ability. We then feel powerful and lively. And the energy needed to fix the charge is now free to celebrate life. If you would like more detailed information about Somatic Experiencing, you can view the books by Peter A. Levine “The Tiger Awakens” and “The Voice of Your Body”. Although collecting information is very important, as with many things you can also get to know SE better by experiencing it. After all, you can't taste chocolate from reading a lot about chocolate.
The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)
NARM is a method for working development trauma. A developmental trauma is the wound that arises when we grow up in our basic needs are not met. NARM lists five basic needs that are essential for our development in the first five years of our lives. It then maps out the effect when our environment fails to meet us in these needs. How this affects us physically, thinking, emotion, behavior and identity. And it has developed clinical tools to repair disruptions. Through this recovery we regain the vitality and zest for life that naturally resides in us. This allows us to be, feel, connect and create effortlessly. Recognizing patterns that don't serve us is very liberating. And recognizing how these patterns came about and what their function has been creates a gentle and loving relationship to these patterns. These are the first steps that facilitate healing and transformation.
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Year training

With 15 participants we make a journey that changes your life. We form a tribe that rests on safety and trust. And create a space in which we feel welcome and free. More peace of mind, more energy in your body and healthier connection with yourself and others is the result of this journey.

The annual program is developed with therapists and body workers from different disciplines. It is based on effective methods from spiritual traditions and leading therapy models such as Somatic Experiencing, NARM and Polyvagal therapy. And we also use breath, movement, touch and mindfulness as inputs. The year program is designed to let your zest for life and vitality flow more and more.

For whom

If you find that your body and mind affect the quality of your daily life. And you want to gain knowledge, discover tools and especially experience how you can surf life with more peace, energy and creativity. Also, if you want to guide people in this and you want to broaden and deepen as a coach or therapist. And for anyone who has high personal and professional development.

• 7-day all-inclusive retreat with Isaac Shapiro
• 8 training days spread over the year
• 6 evenings gatherings
• 2 Private sessions with Ehsan Ebadi

    • You get a clear picture and feel a clear direction in life. You will experience what you deeply long for. You can then drop everything you don't need and travel light.
    • You learn how the deepest levels of your body work. The nervous system regulates every organ and every cell in your body. By understanding this and tracking it in the moment, you can surf challenges easier at work and in private lief. You learn how to find your way back to safety and flow instead of staying in fight, flight and freeze.
    • You learn to recognize the most impactful patterns in yourself and others. And understand the origin and functions of this. You will be given tools to strengthen functional patterns and break through dysfunctional patterns to make room for new ones. This will give you more peace and energy, the ingredients for creativity and creation.
    • You will experience the magical world of conscious breathing, movement and touch. These will bring you into contact with the deepest layers of your being, resulting in an experience of unity and connection with life and others.
    • You will learn to taste and enjoy intensively. And have an open, soft and powerful attitude towards yourself and others.
    • You are introduced to the experience of the great spiritual sages; Experiencing yourself as consciousness, beyond the body and mind. From here everything becomes more impersonal but more connected. A catalyst for your ability to see through dysfunctional patterns.
    • You will understand, experience and live through your family dynamics. This will change your relationship to your family for the better.
    • You will dive deep with a group. This will bring a lot of security and connection. There is a danger of having a new tribe in your life by the end of the year.


    Regular investment 1950 Euro including VAT
    Business investment 3200 Euro including VAT

    For more information and booking call or email us

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Nectar of life

Your attention shapes the world! The intensity and quality of your attention has the magical power to fathom matter and feed it with life energy. You may take this in literal and figurative sense. Albert Einstein said..

Why am I in my head?

Plum Village is located in Bordeaux on a hill between the vineyards and plum trees. Everyone stops here every 20 minutes to reconnect with the Now. A bell will remind you of this. You stop what you are doing and ..
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About us

Conscious Invitations is a tribe and research platform. It consists of people with a passion for life. We come together and investigate. What contributes to a beautiful, free and full life? We organize private sessions, trainings and workhops to invite you to the infinite and magical process of awareness.

Trough the agency of consciousness we learn and grow
An invitation
To know your essence and meet your humanity
To break free and live fully!

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“Ehsan knows how to guide me very well to be in the moment. I was much more aware of what I felt in my body And how I experienced the environment. The effect that arose after my somatic experience session was the same as I experienced after a week of silence retreat. After a session with Ehsan it always feels lighter and friendlier in me. “

Angela K. on private sessions

“I had sessions with psychologists for years and felt misunderstood and miserable every time after the conversation. I have now had 3 sessions at Ehsan and have already learned / seen how to handle / regulate emotions and sensations in a safe and gentle way. And I feel good / happy after the sessions. ”

Amir E. about private sessions

“Nice to experience in the session how you don’t have to be carried away by – as Ehsan called it – ‘the pull of the negative’, and how the lightness and the positive is there too. It mainly gave me space. I think that Ehsan with all its clarity can perceive things accurate, that gives a lot of confidence. ”

Colette K. on private sessions

“Ehsan knows how to invite you in a very pleasant, respectful and loving way to listen to your body. During the sessions I managed to relax and see what is really going on. I always felt safe, seen and understood. Highly recommended if you want to see what’s really going on in a safe, professional and loving way. I can listen to my body better and better. Thanks Ehsan! “

Alexandra G. on private sessions

“So nice and loving how he invites me to be there with every sensation or emotion that arises in the body. A very beautiful and special experience”

Kalyani K. on private sessions

I always look forward to the Conscious Meetings with Ehsan. It is a very nice moment to pause. Slow down the constant stream of unconscious thoughts and rest in the here and now.
I feel invited to be who I am, without good or bad, in the present moment. And it is always cozy and there is nice tea.

Roos B. about Conscious Meetings

“Ehsan works directly, invitingly and calmly. He mirrors what appears per moment, making subtle layers perceptible. Ehsan welcomes what he perceives, tries not to cover or enlarge anything.
Ehsan works with few words and pays attention to the entire group. I was amazed how powerful the effect was.
A perspective-broadening experience, in which I sank into my own body in no time and started to experience a lively sensation in contact. It made me realize how quickly I move through the day and how wonderful it is to come together in this way and to be able to meet myself and the other person (a bit) more substantially. Crazy. Special. And tastes like more. “

Lo H. about Conscious Meetings

“Absolutely recommended: the super clear, real, warm and down to earth meetings (satsangs) that Ehsan accompanies.
Good questions, pleasant contact, nice vibe and before you know it you are completely out of your story and feel great, free and spacious. LOVE! “

Inge D. about Conscious Meetings

“Another heart opening evening of Satsang with Ehsan
I love being so ‘real’ together with everyone present.
Thank you all and Ehsan for a reviving happy evening! “

Eva S. about Conscious Meetings

“How welcome and in the now can you feel .. went to Eshan satsang for the first time and certainly not last time. A beautiful, valuable, loving, safe and calm together with like-minded people. On yourself tuning in, to the other, without judgment or prejudice … are … recommended! “

Linda B. about Conscious Meetings

“Ehsan is a very pleasant and calm therapist. You feel welcome to be yourself and to accept the sessions fully without inhibitions. He feels emotions well and has a pleasant way of guiding and explaining. Each session he asks what you would like to investigate. The sessions help me tremendously to find answers to certain emotions or reactions in daily life that I would like to understand better. “

Tessa D. about private sessions

“I started working with Somatic Experience with Ehsan for a few weeks. It provides me a lot. Insight, peace and good conversations. He invites you to think and feel, but he can also ask very specific questions, so that you can quickly come to the essence,”

Tamara Z. about private sessions

“Every session feels like coming home to myself. It is so valuable for me to experience how I experience a small ‘transformation’ within an hour. Ehsan notices the smallest sensations and patterns and knows a subtle and for me safe and familiar way to work with this. The small sensations become more tangible. The haste and unrest in me gives way to peace, tranquility and a feeling of freedom. “

Roshanak B. about private sessions

“Ehsan is a very pleasant and skilled therapist. I highly recommend him!”

Thomas L. on private sessions

“Ehsan has a very pleasant presence for me, the tranquility with which he tells things, the space he gives. I was very comfortable with what came up. We have investigated what happens in my system if a boundary is crossed. I now have much more insight into this by means of contact and touch. Very valuable and recommended if you are looking for more depth!”

Anita K. on private sessions

“During the first few sessions with Eshan I was not so sure. Only later did I understand his methods better and I was able to get through to them. The last few sessions gave me a real WOW! Moment where I realized strongly my internal system and patterns. The realizations were so strong because Eshan let me experience physically what I have known in my head for a long time, and when you experience it physically you really make the click. I feel that Eshan knows very well what he is doing and uses it diligently. Eshan knows how to create a safe situation and I have a familiar feeling with him. Eshan assisted me without having any agenda and he works with what is in the moment. I’m grateful that I got Eshan as a tip and that I went with it. “

Jan A. about private sessions

“I experienced the sessions with Ehsan as a very accessible and effective form of therapeutic guidance. He creates a nice atmosphere and everything is welcome and negotiable. I like that I have the space to decide for myself how deeply I want to go into topics that come up. Most importantly, I notice that it triggers changes, for example in how I experience things and how I understand myself better. Super nice light / spatial location also, nice place.”

Marlou S. about private sessions

“As a therapist, Ehsan is professional and accessible at the same time. I get the feeling that he understands that none of the patterns we encounter during a session are personal, making it easy for me to let them go. I think he offers a nice, warm space to investigate and release the blockages in me. Ehsan has dedication and passion for his profession, definitely recommended.”

Lianne A. about private sessions

“With Ehsan you feel at home and free to explore your inner world. You meet recent emotions, old trauma and associated survival mechanisms. It is very valuable to me and brings me closer to myself! I recommend Ehsan 100% if you want to discover and understand more about yourself. “

Tessa R. about private sessions

“The sessions with Ehsan are special experiences. Ehsan provides time and space to experience your own body and emotions. In collaboration with Ehsan, I gain more insight into how I work (my body, and my thoughts), what I need, and I learn to pursue my life goals more consciously.”

Joost A. about private sessions

To me, Ehsan’s being is an invitation into an honest and authentic meeting. He is creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere,
in which I find it easy to open up, show myself and get to know myself more deeply. I find Ehsan a great gift, and the meetings he holds are clarifying, relaxing and empowering to me.

Gunnar M. about Conscious Meetings
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Make an appointment or ask your questions using the contact form. You are also very welcome to call for your questions or registrations. This applies to the private sessions private sessions as well as the trainings and workhops.


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Private sessions
Intake package: 5 sessions 375 euros
Follow-up sessions: 1 session 85 euros

The private sessions last 60 minutes. If canceled within 24 hours before the start of the appointment, the session will be charged.

The practice is affiliated with the nationally recognized therapist association SBLP and the umbrella organization RBCZ. As a result, the treatments are fully or partially reimbursed by different health insurers. The treatments are covered by the additional packages, under the heading: alternative medicine. Click here for the complete and current overview.

In the event of complaints, I am affiliated with the Disputes Committee for Complementary Treatment of the organization Cam Coöperatie.


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